Otilia Muteacomo’s Testimony

Boa and Otilia





In May of 2011 Otilia and her husband, Pastor Boa, were preparing for the birth of their first baby. But then, due to gross negligence on the part of the medical staff, the birth resulted in a stillborn. Not only that, but serious health issues arose for Otilia following her pregnancy. A blood clot formed in her leg then moved to her lung, and she was also diagnosed with cardio myopathy. She was confined to ICU as her health continued to decline, multiple doctors were indicating that she wouldn’t live, and at one point one of the doctors even took Pastor Boa aside and said “prepare to lose your wife today.” But in the midst of tragedy, God intervened and gave her a miraculous recovery. After two and a half months in ICU, a trip to Maputo for further treatment, and lots and lots of prayer, Otilia is now back home and even healthier than before. Her experience has not only strengthened her and Boa’s faith and dependence on God, but has also served as an inspiring testimony for her family

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