Berihoska Mora

My Name is, Berihoska Mora, a missionary for almost ten years, working in Quelimane, Mozambique. I am from Peru, and I have been sent by AOG Peru to be apart of the Life Church team in Quelimane, to work in the areas of preventative health, as well as the children’s ministry and the worship team. I studied Pharmaceutical at university, and the knowledge gained has given me the opportunity to give the students, and community, natural ways in which they can improve their health.

I returned to Quelimane in February for the third time, this time for a longer period of time than before.

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Children’s Ministry: My focus is discipling the leaders of children’s cell groups, helping them to develop the ministry under the auspices of the Church. There are 27 cell leaders, aged between 12 and 19 years, in the city of Quelimane. These leaders lead and take responsibility for almost 200 children located in the city, as well as the various zones in Quelimane.

Health:  My focus in this area is preventative health. We started the preventative health program in the Peace School, where we equip the students by teaching them the theory and practical areas of preventive health. We also encourage them to take what they’ve learnt and teach it to their family and community members, thereby equipping the new generation, and impacting the local community at the same time.

Another area that I am responsible for is the Okalawo Health Project. We want the community to be able to care for their health using natural products. We look to build a lab in the near future, and in so doing we will be able to produce products to treat prevalent illnesses. Income generation is another aspect of the Project as this will enable us to financially assist the main Okalawo Project.

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