Sam Dunnet

My name is Sam Dunnet and I’m a doctor from the UK.  I have been living in Quelimane for about 2 years working as a health advisor for an NGO here but also loving being part of the Life Church family. I have previously worked as a doctor in a number of different African countries as well as in the UK and Australasia.

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I have learnt so much about the local health problems, health systems and community structures through my secular work here and am excited to see how God will use that experience to build His Kingdom as we start working with the communities in Namuinho and Gogone to help people improve their health. I will be working fulltime with Life Church from July onwards and focusing on building key relationships within the Ministry of Health staff and the local clinic and empowering communities to prevent key diseases like malaria, diarrhoea and HIV through the local church.


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3 thoughts on “Sam Dunnet

  1. Love your pics and story, Sam! Hope you are well, and keep doing the amazing work you do with such an amazing heart – you are a legend!

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